4 Ways to Propel your Organization with Staff Augmentation

17.May, 2023

4 Ways to Propel your Organization with Staff Augmentation


4 Ways to Propel your Organization with Staff Augmentation

If staff augmentation sounds exciting now, let’s talk about four unique ways you can leverage the staff augmentation model to propel your organization:

  • Scale quickly to win new opportunities: Ready to say yes to that big business opportunity that has come knocking? Staff augmentation can help you rapidly scale up your workforce to meet the needs of many types of business expansion — rapid growth, high seasonal demand, new out-of-scope project opportunities, new ventures, new locations, etc. Rather than going through the painful and time-consuming process of recruiting, screening, and hiring new employees… or worse, rather than saying no, we just don’t have the people to do it at this time or in that market… staff augmentation can help you win new opportunities by giving you the power to say yes knowing you’ll have the outstanding, world-class talent you need to support you in a matter of weeks. 
  • Increase innovation: Each day, more and more organizations have embraced that greater diversity and fresh perspectives lead to increased innovation, and augmented staffing can bring both. If you want yours to be a culture of innovation where new ideas thrive, process improvement is a way of life, change is embraced, creativity is championed, and growth doesn’t have to come with employment-related growing pains, then you should seriously consider a staff augmentation strategy. 
  • Sound risk mitigation strategy: The cost of employee misclassification is steep, easily reaching the millions, according to SHRM. That’s because, with each misclassified employee, you introduce a series of downstream regulatory issues that also come into play. When you tack on the cost of potential violations to OSHA, I-9 compliance, wage & hour laws, the ADA, or the ACA, the financial risk can be astronomical. With staff augmentation, your staffing partner owns that risk, making it an incredibly wise and forward-thinking risk mitigation strategy to help you minimize your cost of non-compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.  

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