Staff Augmentation 101: What does Staff Augmentation Mean?

17.May, 2023

Staff Augmentation 101: What does Staff Augmentation Mean?


Staff Augmentation 101

Staff augmentation. It’s not a new practice, though it’s getting a lot of attention recently, and for a good reason. To help you understand staff augmentation, imagine this scenario: your organization is at a crucial moment.

Opportunity is knocking — whether it’s coming in the form of a new contract, a new location, a big project, or some other expansion opportunity — and you want to answer the call, but you know that you don’t have the people in place to deliver. You can’t bring yourself to pass up this incredible chance to scale, but the mere thought of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the talent you need to get it done makes you groan. 


What if there was a flexible and financially advantageous staffing solution that enabled you to swiftly, easily, and strategically acquire the specialized skills you need for said opportunity to scale and grow? 


What if you could reap all the benefits of employing the highly skilled, highly engaged, and high-performing talent you need to say yes to opportunity without having to deal with all the HR stuff that comes along with employing that talent? 


If this concept sounds like the stuff HR dreams are made of, then welcome to the world of staff augmentation — a hot trend in the staffing industry that the most agile and forward-thinking organizations have been using for years to set themselves apart and propel themselves ahead of their competitors. 


What does Staff Augmentation mean? 

According to Oxford Dictionary: aug·ment — to make (something) greater by adding to it. According to us here at Flexible Staffing Studio: staff augmentation — to make your already talented team outstanding, on-demand, by strategically adding world-class staff without all the added staffing headaches. 


More specifically, staff augmentation is a unique staffing strategy where you use temporary, contract, freelance, or even remote employees to enhance your current workforce. Typically, though not always, these employees are brought in for a specific reason, i.e., for a specific project, in a certain location, or for a predetermined time. 


These employees are intentionally brought on board to augment, complement, collaborate with, and work alongside your current team to cover skill gaps, acquire specialized skillsets or expertise, complete project requirements, enter new geographies and territories, quickly respond to increased demand, etc. 

How does Staff Augmentation work?

At Flexible Staffing Studio, we think of the staff augmentation model as the “you get to have your cake and eat it too” version of HR and Staffing strategies. 

That’s because, in a staff augmentation model, you get access to world-class talent when you need it without having to bring on staff in a full-time employee basis. Further, you get to be in charge of what most organizations consider to be the good stuff while outsourcing the rest. 

This means that you retain control and authority over the actual work. And on the other hand, your staffing partner gets to be in charge of all the HR stuff you probably don’t like dealing with anyways, like recruiting, hiring, training, retaining, managing, benefits, and even compliance

Yes, you read that right. With augmented staffing, you receive all the benefits of having highly skilled, highly engaged, and high-performing talent to help you propel your organization forward while outsourcing the HR end of things, including HR compliance. 

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